Vacants to Value Code Enforcement: Track Our Progress

Below, see a summary of our progress. To learn more about what's happening with a specific property or target area, see our Streamlined Code Enforcement or Community Development Cluster pages.

 Strategy II:
Streamlined Code Enforcement
Strategy III:
Community Development Clusters
Number of Areas8524
Vacants on Start Date1,5291,831
VBN $900 Citations Issued3,343n/a
Rehabbed or Rehab Underway2,5081,404
Receivership Cases Filed1,188972
Non-VBN $250 Citations Issued3,670n/a
Permit Revenue$4,856,6683$1,796,757
Private Investment
(Construction Costs from
Permits Only)

City Sponsored Demolitions Since V2V Start2,736

Last Updated: 9/19/2017