Auchentoroly Terr(Record Count : 9)
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The City is petitioning the Court to appoint a third party (Receiver) to take control of the vacant property and auction it to buyer who can then rehab it.
The owner is showing a good faith effort to rehab or sell the property, bankruptcy or foreclosure has been filed, or the property has a new owner or a newly issued notice.
The City is petitioning the Court to order the property’s owner to complete rehabilitation of the property.
The property is owned by the City and will either be transferred to a developer or demolished.
The property is owned by the Housing Authority of Baltimore City, and will be rehabbed, transferred to the City, or transferred to a developer.
AddressVacant Building Notice IssuedActive Construction PermitOwnerLast Recorded DeedCode Enforcement StrategyCurrent Activity
2815 PARKWOOD AVE07/24/2014 WILLIAM L HENDERSON06/05/1975ReceivershipCase Filed
2804 AUCHENTOROLY TERR12/13/2016  WALTER G HILL JR & WFPrior to 1983Under InspectionMonitor
2716 AUCHENTOROLY TERR09/24/2010 AGNES YEMISI SALEEM12/16/2009ReceivershipAuction
2728 PARKWOOD AVE11/23/2011 JANNIE (LIFE) BONAPARTE11/09/2011Under InspectionMonitor
2818 AUCHENTOROLY TERR07/30/2015 FRANK DIETRICH12/04/2014ReceivershipCase Filed
2722 AUCHENTOROLY TERR12/02/2009  ETHELINE RHINEHARTPrior to 1983Under InspectionMonitor
2312 AVALON AVE06/18/2017YSHELDON FRASER05/12/2017Under InspectionMonitor
2313 AVALON AVE06/18/2017 JR., DAVID Z RICHARDS04/27/2017Under InspectionMonitor
2819 PARKWOOD AVE03/16/2018  A-MARIE INVESTMENT GROUP LLC02/14/2018Under InspectionMonitor